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Welcome to our website, this is an extension to the specialist information we will discuss with you. It allows you to sit in the privacy of your own home, and reflect on the information you have been given, and to raise any further questions you may have about complementary or additional services we can provide.

About Us

A caring and personal service

L&K Funeral Directors are pleased to announce that the second generation of our family have joined the business. This will further enhance the service provided to our clients, both in St Oysth and surrounding areas.

Ken, Liz & Justin have an extensive knowledge of the funeral industry, and look to expand the services currently provided.

As independent Funeral Directors we stand in a sensitive position at a crucial time in the midst of your family, knowing that the quality of our service and reputation will help you through this most difficult time in your lives.

When you suffer a bereavement, a funeral for a member of your family is the most difficult day of your life. Everything your family and friends thought about a loved one is expressed on that day.

It is not our policy to impose urgency, or apply undue pressure on you or your family. It is important for many people to reflect the personality and character of their loved one, within the arrangements, and this often requires time and thought to do so.

“We empathise with what you’re going through, because we’re a family of families, and when you need us to rally around we’ll be there.”

Liz, Ken & Justin

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Introducing our Pure and Simple Funeral

This is a non-attend cremation at a local crematorium

Our service includes:

Collection day or night of your loved one

A coffin suitable for cremation

Hearse and bearing staff

Crematorium fees

Return of Ashes

Doctors fees

£1195 inclusive

32 Clacton Road, St Osyth

Essex, CO16 8PA